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Missing Prosecco Fridays? We hear you Rebels. Perched on a stool in our kitchens, with a post Rebel TV sweaty glow and some bubbles, isn’t quite the same. Which is why we’ve taken the Prosecco and upgraded it to Cocktail Fridays – well, let’s be honest, there’a also Cocktail Mondays, Cocktails Tuesdays… you get the idea.

To make sure our creations are on point, we’ve joined forces with Mixologist Nick Lee, to bring you a selection of easy to make cocktails. One virgin, one alcoholic, and an extra special spicy Rebel themed one.


Serve in:

Either on the rocks in an old fashioned glass, or straight up in a martini, margarita or Nick & Nora glass.


50ml Tequila

25ml Triple sec

25ml Lime juice

15ml Agave syrup

3 slices of chilli

Sprig of coriander



First prepare your glass by rimming with lime and salt. Muddle chilli in base of shaker, add all other ingredients, shake with ice and strain into your glass of choice.

Garnish with lime wedge or chilli slice.

Skip’s Tips:

For straining use a fine strainer/tea strainer or a sieve if you don’t have those.

Regular red or green chilli works for this, but you could also use jalapeno. Adjust the amount – or type – of chilli according to how hard you think you are, or actually are 😉

Triple sec is an orange liqueur – you could use Cointreau if you have at home, or even limoncello if you’re scrabbling around for citrusy liqueurs.

If agave syrup proves elusive, you can use plain sugar syrup (just heat equal parts water and sugar on a low heat until dissolved) or even the honey syrup from the Honey Bubble (below).

Of course if things like coriander or salt are a turn off, leave them out. When salt rimming a glass, it’s often a good idea to leave part of the rim unsalted, especially if you’re making for someone else.


Serve in:

Champagne flute or coupe glass


12.5ml honey syrup (3:1 honey:water)

30ml gin

Prosecco (approx 100ml)


For syrup use blossom honey if possible, otherwise any will do. Stir honey into water until dissolved. Really easy.

Stir honey syrup with gin in glass until syrup dissolves. Top with prosecco.


Mint sprig on top of a hulled strawberry

Skip’s Tips:

Gin can be subbed for vodka if your lockdown cabinet dictates this.

Of course you could use Champagne, Cava or any sparkling wine, depending on what you have at home.


Serve in:

Collins or Hiball glass


½ tbsp sugar

Small bunch mint

30ml lime juice

Soda water


Start by muddling the mint, lime and sugar in the base of a separate glass, or a pestle & mortar. Add crushed ice to fill serving glass. Add muddled ingredients, top with soda, and give a quick stir just to redistribute the ingredients through the glass, et voila!

Skip’s Tips:

Most of us don’t have an ice crusher, so either go to town on some ice the old fashioned way and smash it up, or if you need to use regular ice, no problem. This is lockdown, we can make do – they are no rules.

If you don’t have limes, lemon will still make a nice drink.

You can even do this with tap water instead of soda – it won’t be fizzy, but will still be tasty and refreshing.

Want to make it a proper Mojito? Just add white rum. You could even use tequila, gin or vodka – get rummaging in that cupboard.


For more cocktails, check Nick out on Instagram at @allvermouth_notrousers

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