April 2020 – by 1Rebel

The Official Rebel Lockdown List: Netflix & Food

We asked our Rebel Army of trainers, front of house, cleaners and head office staff, how they’re embracing isolation and keeping themselves entertained. Here’s our top picks to inspire you, find some new faves and maybe even step outside of your entertainment comfort zone…

Catch up on part two of our lockdown favourites here, and get the lowdown on all our favourite podcasts, books and albums.


Rebels, it’s ok to switch off and be still sometimes, so here’s our pick of Netflix’s finest to keep you company. While we love a Netflix binge, our top tip is to commit to watching just a couple of episodes per day so that sitting down to your screen feels more like a treat each time (yeah, it’s not going to be easy we know). Also, try starting a new show at the same time as a friend using the Netflix Watch Party tool. This way you can gossip about it in real time, plus guilt trip yourself out of binge watching more than you’ve agreed together.

Sex Education, Jodie & Saul (Trainers)

Rhythm & Flow, G (Trainer)

A Call to Courage, Jono (Trainer)

Prison Break, Matt (Trainer)

Narcos, Clementina (Trainer)

You, Clio (Trainer)

LOVE, Jade (GM)

The Last Kingdom, Ed (Finance)

Schitt’s Creek, Megs (Trainer & GM)

Gavin & Stacey, Angus (HQ)

Love is Blind, Harper (Trainer)

Noughts + Crosses, Abbie (Trainer)

This Country, Eliza (Trainer)

Don’t F*ck with Cats, Nina (Trainer & GM)

Ru Paul’s Drag Race Series 6, George (Trainer)

Grace & Frankie, Kylie (Trainer)

The Crown, Funmi (HQ)

Tiger King, Jess (Trainer)

Caliphate (watch in Swedish with subtitles), Janine (Trainer)

The Stranger, Gabby (Trainer)

Dare Me, Mel (Trainer)

Titans, Scott (Trainer)

Ozarks, Joseph (Front of House)

Westworld (Now TV), Jess P (Trainer & Front of House)

You, Amanda (Australia HQ)

Top Boy, Danny (Trainer/The Guvnor)

Studio Ghibli Films (Japanese animation), Marieca (Trainer)

This is Us (on Amazon), Millie (Trainer)

The Outsider (Now TV / HBO), Alex (Trainer)


Rebels, Refuel. Here’s our go-to delivery based restaurants & nutrition services you can get straight to your door. Life is all about balance so in true Rebel style we’ve compiled work hard play hard options for you, ranging from super healthy to super indulgent. 

Wingstop, Mel (Trainer)

The Good Earth, Ed (Finance)

Wine & Deli South London, Vicky (HQ & Trainer)

My Neighbours the Dumplings East London, Angus (HQ)

Love Bike Thai East London, Eliza (Trainer)

Bombay Bicycle Chef SW London & Radio Alice Pizza, Janine (Trainer)

Mak Grillz Walthamstow, Scott (Trainer)

Pale Green Dot Veg Box Delivery, G (Trainer)

Camille Thai SW London, Carrie (Trainer)

Rusty Bike Thai East London, Marieca (Trainer)

Mooshies, East London, Lily (Trainer)

Salvation In Noodles, BunBunBun, Beer + Burger Store East London, Alex (Trainer)

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