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Triple Threat Master Trainer Tiago Silva is our very own Brazilian god. Known for his incredibly friendly nature, excellent hugs and his two gorgeous puppers, who have been a prominent feature in our IG Lives. We sat down with Tiago to find out what brought him to 1Rebel, why he cherishes the Rebel Army and his ultimate hangover cure.


What was your background before 1Rebel?

I was born in Brazil, and raised in two totally different territories: the concrete jungle of São Paulo and the hot sands of the Southeast Coast. The love for being active has always been a common theme in my life. I have developed a deep love for sports; in particular, running, cycling and surfing. I moved to London in my late adolescence to seek a new experience in my life. Music and sport have always been my greatest passions so I decided to study both subjects. I then quit a stable 7 year career in the games industry (Eidos/Square Enix) to chase my dream of working in the health & fitness industry. I qualified as a personal trainer a few years after graduating from university with a BA in Music & Multimedia Technology, but I have dedicated my career to the health & fitness industry ever since.

How did you get your job at 1Rebel and what has your Rebel journey involved?

My name made to the list of 1Rebel’s first trainers to be interviewed for the first club when they opened in 2015. It was one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. I felt so inspired by what they were trying to bring to their customers, and to the fitness industry, and I remember thinking of how much I wanted to be part of  this project. When my phone rang and they delivered the good news my heart was beating faster than a workout in Ride, Rumble or Reshape room. I am very thankful for this journey at 1Rebel. It has been the place that pushed me to come out of my comfort zone numerous time, it has also given me the opportunity to meet amazing people, not only my fellow colleagues but also our Rebel Army that turn up to our classes.

What does your work as a Master Trainer involve?

It involves thought leadership in my work environment. It involves understanding and embodying the art of teaching and inspiring other trainers around you. This is done through the use of workshops and delivering the best classes I possibly can every single time I put my feet inside the studios, so whenever a Rebel trainer turns up to my class, I need to ensure they can learn something or feel inspired from it. It involves giving back, helping others and have a mind set that ensures the company is moving forward in the right direction with what I have to offer.

What do you love about 1Rebel and the Rebel Army?

One of the reasons I love 1Rebel is for the community. Not only the awesome bunch of trainers, but the whole staff are on the same level of awesomeness! We respect each other, we care for each other. I truly feel like I have a Rebel family.  Another thing I love is that 1Rebel prides itself on its quality. Quality of workout, trainers, state of the art facilities, products, merchandise etc. The studios are all impeccably clean and tidy for us to deliver our classes.

And last but no lest, I love that 1Rebel is a place without any judgments for who you are or for how fit you are. It is a place for everyone…and with that was born our Rebel Army. There is no better Army I could have asked for! They are the most import piece of our community. I love that we actually get to know each other, I know their true stories and they know mine. I love the fact our Rebel Army realised that our studios are not just a place you can get one of the best workout in London, but also a place to forge friendships.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff…

You’re stranded on a dessert island, basic food, drink and shelter is sorted, what three other items would you want with you and why?

A surfboard, to have fun. An electronic device to play music and podcasts on, to keep me sane. And a picture of my wife and dogs.

In a zombie apocalypse, which other trainer would you choose to help you fight off zombies and why?

Matt Fish. I have seen that guy’s golf back swing, and he could chop off any zombie’s head!

What’s your ultimate hangover cure?

Apple cider vinegar diluted with warm water. This natural recipe can help to stabilise blood sugar levels.

You are about to get into a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?

Killing in the name, by Rage Against The Machine

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

To be able to fly.

If you could make a rule for the day that everyone had to follow, what would it be?

To love our nearest and closest like we love ourselves.


You can find Tiago on Instagram at @t.silva_fitness

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