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Saul is no stranger to the inner workings of 1Rebel. He’s tried his hand at various roles within the business, but is now a Triple Threat extraordinaire, Master Trainer and our Head of Product. We caught up with Saul to get an overview on his journey so far, favourite hangover cure, and his secret love of desserts.


What was your background before 1Rebel?

I did a lot before 1Rebel. I graduated from University with a Degree in English, thinking I wanted to get into Health, Fitness, Lifestyle or Fashion Journalism. However, when I left I wasn’t sure if this was the direction I wanted to head in.

A short term job in property to figure this out turned into a four year job, after which I took a sideways step to intern at a music start-up before finding 1Rebel.

Fitness has always been a passion and constant of mine, firstly as a means to increase performance for sport (being a sporty kid), then training became a focus in its own right. So 1Rebel made a lot of sense and it excited me to be part of something new with potential.

How did you get your job at 1Rebel and what has your Rebel journey involved?

I applied through a recommendation from a friend who was a member. My growth through 1Rebel really has been a journey – I’ve worked in nearly every department.

I joined as part of the sales team based out of St Mary Axe shortly after Jono.  After the sales team was disbanded, I moved to Front of House at St Mary Axe and Broadgate. Through this time, I started my training to become a Rumble and Reshape Trainer. Then became a Senior Front of House and qualified as a Reshape and Rumble Trainer. While being a trainer I also took on becoming Broadgate General Manager.

We then began to expand, opening multiple clubs and I transitioned into becoming the Head of Product, looking after everything inside the classes – lights, sounds, equipment – across all the clubs and building the future clubs.

What does your work as a Master Trainer involve?

Beyond delivering killer sessions, being a Master Trainer is about also giving back to and supporting the team and the company. We have recently started a mentor program, where all the MT’s look after 8-10 trainers across multiple concepts to run through programs, classes and give them an opportunity to bounce ideas around. We deliver workshops for the team to spread knowledge and information. 

What do you love about 1Rebel and the Rebel Army?

As a trainer I love the people. Seeing regular’s faces coming back and watching people push themselves beyond limits they thought they had is very rewarding.

Plus, the 1Rebel team is amazing and so talented, whilst also being bunch of legends.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff…

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

The metal or plastic tips on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

What secret society would you like to start?

The Cult of Desserts – dedicated to the pursuit and eating of the world’s best cookies, doughnuts and desserts.

What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

Tennis. It’s no contact so not dangerous to play, but watching people try and hit a ball and make it round the court would be pretty hilarious.

What’s your ultimate hangover cure?

Pint of water + pain killers + orange Lucozade. Plus do some exercise if you can muster the energy,

You’re about to get into a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?

Kano – 3 Wheel-Ups.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

This is a very geeky answer – I’d want the Silver Surfer powers from Marvel. The Silver Surfer has superhuman strength, endurance, and senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe’s ambient energy. The Surfer can navigate through interstellar space and hyperspace. I’d want to see what is out there in the universe.


You can find Saul on Instagram at @saulrwilliams

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