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Master Trainer. Triple Threat Queen. Head of Fitness. There isn’t much our Jodie Lee Tye can’t do. She may look sweet and innocent but she knows how to throw a killer punch and will make you work harder than you ever thought possible in the studio. We caught up with Jodie to get the lowdown on her 1Rebel journey…


What was your background before 1Rebel?

I was in a Hip Hop dance company and spending most of my time dancing in the studio or on stage. I’m a bit of a free spirit, so would travel as much as I possibly could.

How did you get your job at 1Rebel and what has your Rebel journey involved?

I first auditioned for Reshape back in 2015, and it has been a crazy rollercoaster since. Blood, sweat and tears have gone in to it, but it has helped me to grow and has given me some pretty epic experiences, not to mention the friends I have made along the way. I started as a trainer, I then become General Manager at Broadgate, and now have stepped into Head of Fitness, what a journey! I couldn’t be happier to work alongside such an amazing bunch of legends everyday.

What does your work as a Master Trainer involve?

I guess it involves representing 100%! 

It involves bringing the fire. Spicy sessions. Interacting with and training the Rebel Army is so so good. The feeling of being in that room with everyone bringing the energy, stepping outside of their comfort zones and pushing boundaries, is just another level!! 

What do you love about 1Rebel and the Rebel Army?

The culture and community.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff…

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

The blob of toothpaste you put on your toothbrush is called a nurdle.

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends or family assume you had done?

Robbed a cookie shop (Ben’s Cookies to be specific).

In a zombie apocalypse, which other trainer would you choose to help you fight off zombies and why?

Saul, he plays a lot of playstation and watches a lot of monster movies, so I reckon he would be quite handy.

What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

I would say wrestling, like WWF.

What’s your ultimate hangover cure?

A can of Coke.

If you could make a rule for the day that everyone had to follow, what would it be?

To do a dance every time you greet someone.

You’re about to get into a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?

Eminem’s 8 Mile.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

To not need to sleep, pretty boring but I always feel like I need more hours in the day. Also, I’m such a night owl, getting up at 5.30am in the morning to teach is soooo hard!


You can find Jodie on Instagram at @jodieleetye

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