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He’s the cheeky North Londoner who loves inflicting bunny hops and is far too fond of 20/20 Reshape rounds. We grabbed Rumble & Reshape Master Trainer, Mr Danny Gates, to get the lowdown on how he ended up at 1Rebel, what his role involves, and why he’d want fellow trainer Tiago at his side during a zombie apocalypse.


What was your background before 1Rebel?

Before 1Rebel I played football until I was told I wasn’t good enough to be the next big star. I then completed my coaching badges at Arsenal for 2 years, which being a Gooner was of course my dream come true. At the same time I started working in the family coffee shop that we had just opened, to earn some money to go spend at the weekend as you do as a teenager. Little did I know that shop would turn into an award winning multi site business, and with me spending 15 years in the coffee industry. I decided after 7 years to go my own way and run my own business and a chain of stores for 8 years.

How did you get your job at 1Rebel and what has your Rebel journey involved?

I came to 1Rebel with a friend and was instantly blown away from the experience. I asked Front of House on the way out for the details of the Head Trainer and that evening emailed asking for any vacancies. I was asked to come back the end of that week for an audition, which to this day I will admit I blagged. I hadn’t taught any group classes of this kind so decided to just go for it and give everything I had. I passed and began my training. After a year I became a Master Trainer which to date is my greatest achievement within the business. I also had the roles of Head of Concept for Rumble and later Head of Operations for a while too.

What does your work as a Master Trainer involve?

Being a Master Trainer is leading by example and living and breathing the brand and core values. Being that someone that any of the other trainers can lean on and come to at any point and discuss any subject. On delivering the sessions, it’s about bringing nothing but the best every single time, no matter what the day, circumstances or capacity of a class. If there are 4 people or 40 people that energy and consistently should always be delivered. It also consists of us supporting new trainers with their training and looking for new talent.  

What do you love about 1Rebel and the Rebel Army?

What I love most is the atmosphere within the business. I have never experienced an energy like it. From the cleaners, Front of House, instructors and Head Office, there is a connection through the whole business that allows us to be one, and together able to achieve anything.

Then you have the Rebel Army. One word, WOW. Every single session they turn up, get shit done, and return again another day. Having being here over 4 years I’ve built up a good following, so am lucky to know an awful lot of the Rebel Army by name and also a little about them which brings us together and forms what I like to call “my lot”.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff…

You’re stranded on a dessert island, basic food, drink and shelter is sorted, what three other items would you want with you and why?

Archie, Harry & Jemma – my wife and kids (I’ll maybe then ask one of them to bring a football).

In a zombie apocalypse, which other trainer would you choose to help you fight off zombies and why?

My good buddy Tiago; they wouldn’t stand a chance with us, and if there were too many we could speed off on his motorbike.

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Had a fight, probably at the football.

What’s your ultimate hangover cure?

Sausage sandwich with brown sauce, and a Lucozade orange – winning combo.

What’s the funniest joke you know?

And the lord said to John “come forth and you will receive eternal life”. But John came fifth and won a toaster.

If you could make a rule for the day that everyone had to follow, what would it be?

Everyone has to hate Tottenham 😉

You can find Danny on Instagram at @dannygatesuk

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